Meet Lovisa Hamrin

In Times of Change, New Opportunities Emerge

Herenco is a multi-generational company with a rich and proud heritage deeply rooted in the business where it once started – the newspaper industry. Today, newspapers are out of the picture, marking a significant shift that opens up new avenues for creating future and making a difference.

As the owner of a company like Herenco, it would be easy to slip into a protective role, but that was never Lovisa Hamrin’s plan.

“For me, protecting means taking care of someone else’s work, rather than creating something of your own. Instead, we aim to nurture what we have by enhancing it and adding something new. Even if it means that something must come to an end to make way for the new,” she emphasizes.

A new vision for Herenco was decided upon in 2018, one that sets high expectations: Always create future. Three concise words that allow themselves a touch of linguistic playfulness. The idea is to drive home the message into everyone’s minds. Always. Create. Future.

When the vision was crafted, newspapers were still a vital part of the equation. The new vision incorporated the company history and a desire to remain relevant. That was how it all began once, with a strong will to change society through professionally packaged news reporting.

Don’t fear the void

Society evolves, as do the ways to stay relevant. In 2020, Hall Media was sold and the decision to leave the newspaper industry was made as Hall Media was sold. It wasn’t an easy decision, and in a way, it meant parting ways with the heritage. Lovisa describes it as a void, but also a certain relief.

“I’ve come to realize that you don’t need to fear that void. Everything boils down to each person taking responsibility for themselves. For me, it meant letting go of what was causing friction. In the gaps, new opportunities emerge. It makes me think of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’ – it’s in the cracks that the light gets in.”

"It's about doing something for each other and leaving something of value to our communities. Something that wouldn't exist if we hadn't been there."

Arriving at the decision to sell the newspapers was a journey in itself. As part of that journey, Lovisa stepped down from her CEO role at Herenco and, in a way, started on a blank page in The Hamrin Foundation. The message on this new page remains the same – “Always create future” – but the meaning is somewhat new. Suddenly, there’s the opportunity to choose HOW. That it should be done, however, is non-negotiable. On the contrary, Lovisa talks more than ever about the importance of making a difference. It is a change of course that has resulted in no longer being chased, no longer tasked with preserving a legacy.

“I’ve worked for many years, but with The Hamrin Foundation, human interactions are suddenly more important than ever. As the chair of the foundation, my currency is human creativity. Our job is to stay alert and notice the defining moments that will shape our journey forward.”

Value to our communities

So, what will Herenco, Lovisa, and The Hamrin Foundation dedicate their time to, in order to continue creating future? Lovisa talks about being able to look oneself and others in the eye. She believes that everyone has a responsibility to try and make a difference.

“It’s not about me,” she emphasizes. “It’s about doing something for each other and leaving something of value to our communities. Something that wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t been there.”

With her sight set on the future and with a pink dog encouraging the ongoing pursuit of interesting collaborations, Lovisa now stands at a crossroads between heritage and what will define Herenco in the future.

“Having resources and not doing what you’re passionate about is damn criminal,” she concludes.

It feels like an excellent way to end an open-hearted conversation about the path forward and the choices that lie ahead.

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Lovisa Hamrin

Owner and chairwoman